Design of home: Secrets of harmonious design or how to make the energy at home positive

Harmonious design is not only a pleasant look for your house or apartment. It is also a way to make the energy of the home more positive and harmonious. It’s time to learn important and very simple feng shui tips on how to make your home a place of power.

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No monotony

Yes, such a style as minimalism is quite popular now. Often it involves the use of one or two shades to create a design in all areas of the house. Doing so is not worth it if you want harmony. The severity in one room or in one room means that in another you need to slightly dilute the gray colors with bright tones. The Yin-Yang principle works here when there is a little bit of everything in the house – dark, bright tones.

Use ornaments

Patterns are extremely important in Feng Shui philosophy. They play a key role in the distribution of Yin and Yang energy. Yin-style patterns are smooth patterns, rounded edges, and smooth transitions. Yin energy includes images of flowers, as well as all varieties of a circle and an oval. Such patterns should be mainly in the kitchen and in the bedroom because it is there that such energy is concentrated.

Yang-style ornament. Yang-style patterns are rectangles, sharp corners, and geometric shapes, and these patterns should be symmetrical, periodic, and looped, like a fractal. Yang energy is mistakenly perceived as negative, but it is not. It’s just masculine energy. It requires order and rigor. Such an ornament will be very good in the hallway, living room.

There is not enough light

Positive Qi loves light very much. It is imperative that the house has as much natural sunlight as possible. If it is not there even on sunny days, then you need to compensate for this with additional lighting. Remember that it is not enough. The brighter the house, the better. Light improves mood, strengthens health, and helps to drive away the dark energy of Sha.

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Choose the right furniture

If you want the energy in the house to be balanced, you must choose the appropriate furniture. If you have a small apartment and little space, then you should not use bulky furniture, because they will bring some dissonance to your home. Here, rather, a minimalistic approach is required.

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If the house is large and spacious, and there is a lot of space, then you will have complete freedom of choice – you can make everything with large furniture, or you can choose the option with small tables, chairs, and beds, but in this case, you will have to use more accessories – paintings, lamps, figurines, and other things.

Don’t Forget Plants and Animals

Plants should be in every home. Their incredible power will help harmonize the space. Plants can act as energy filters, as well as sources of positive energy. They are a big plus in that for the most part they generate universal Qi energy, without being tied to Yin or Yang.

As for animals, from the point of view of esotericism and bioenergetics, their role is very difficult to overestimate. In Feng Shui, animals are also important, but not in the same way as plants. It is useful to keep fish, a turtle, a parrot, and snails in the house. Cats and dogs are universal. These animals stabilize energy flows and can act as purifiers of negative energy.

Mirrors are important too

A mirror is a powerful source of energy, so you need to have at least one large mirror in your home. It does not matter what it will be – portable floor or wall. The most important thing is not to forget about certain precautions. Never place a mirror in front of a bed, other mirrors, or the front door.

Finally, we remind you that it is important to clean the house on time and properly so that positive energy does not leave it. We also recommend that you read the tips on how to properly rearrange furniture because this is also extremely important.

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