Days of Power in August 2023: use it in your favor

Days of power are the most auspicious days of August. Astrologers and experts in the field of bioenergy told us what these days will be in August, what they will bring us, and why they will be so positive.

August 2nd – Mercury Opposition Jupiter

The 2nd day of the last summer month will pass under the powerful influence of the opposition of Mercury and Jupiter. This is a very good combination for those who wish to make thoughtful and important decisions. These planets will join forces to help us in our attempts to change our attitude toward life and adjust our current goals.

August 8th is the day of the mirror date

The mirror date of August 08/08/2023 is ideal for devoting your time to work, financial affairs, and shopping. The number 8, which will be at the helm on this day, will help us with shopping, and investing.

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August 22nd – Mars opposition Neptune

The second opposition of the month will pass between the red warlike planet and Neptune. According to forecasts, this will be a very good time to make a decisive leap toward a dream. Our self-confidence will be strengthened, especially for those who know what they want from life and from this day in particular.

August 27th – opposition of the Sun and Saturn

The last fourth day of power is the opposition of the Sun and Saturn. This is a very good time for gaining knowledge, new life experience, and trying to become better. The last day of power this August and the summer, in general, will be a time of intense emotions that many of us will remember for a long time.

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