Damage: how to recognize it and get rid of negative energy impact

Damage and the evil eye are a great danger. They are especially dangerous in cases where they cannot be diagnosed in advance. In this regard, the experts decided to talk about how you can quickly understand that you are under the negative influence of the enemy.

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How to recognize the damage

Very often, people mistakenly take ordinary problems and troubles for damage, or, conversely, they think that everything is in order with them, when in fact all signs of damage are on the face.

I advise you to familiarize yourself with those signs that are in no way connected with health and internal sensations. If you had an unfamiliar person at home or an envious friend/girlfriend, after which some personal, not valuable item disappeared, this is a reason to seriously think about it. There is a high probability that a person has stolen an item in order to put a curse, evil eye, or damage on you because basically, this requires just personal items because they contain the energy of a person. Such items can be used to create a voodoo doll. Hair is fine for her, so make sure guests don’t have access to your hair. Put away combs if you are expecting not the most pleasant guests.

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The second feature is the opposite of the first. Pay attention to the appearance of unfamiliar and strange objects at home. Absolutely always dangerous items are brought by enemies in secret. These items are called pads. Quite a few strange objects can serve as a lining – a needle, a bag of earth, a bundle of hair, a ball of thread. As soon as you notice something like this, you need to get rid of it, but it’s better to do it right. Earlier we talked about how to get rid of the lining. The problem is that sometimes it is very difficult to notice him because enemies can hide him well.

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Now let’s move on to signs related directly to your feelings.

The first and perhaps the most important is disease. Most often, damage undermines human health. Here you need to look at two important factors – the type of illness and the duration of poor health. It happens that damage affects the human body, but does it in such a way that doctors cannot understand what exactly happened to the patient. If you have an unknown ailment, the causes of which doctors cannot explain, this is a high probability of spoilage. Also, doctors often do not know how to treat a disease caused by a curse or corruption, a strong evil eye. None of the methods help.

Also, diseases can be curable, but their flow is simply endless. As they say, one thing after another. This can go on for months or even years. If you are constantly sick or something worries you every now and then, try to seek help not only from doctors, but also from healers, magicians, and experts in the field of esotericism.

Another sign of damage can be a constant failure. These include failures in love, problems with work, and loss of money. There can be a huge number of such problems and they constantly replace each other.

If the damage was imposed in order to harm relationships, then constant quarrels and conflicts appear between lovers. If the conflicts between you and other people cannot be avoided, then this may indicate damage. Even in relationships that have been cursed or evil-eyed, spontaneous betrayals, causeless jealousy, and so on can appear.

Often, constant nightmares and insomnia indicate damage. Sleep problems are the result of damaged energy. And a person may lose interest in life, thoughts of suicide may appear, as well as the desire to work and develop.

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What to do if damage hangs on you

Believers should first of all visit the temple, confess their sins, and take communion. You can undergo unction, consecrate an apartment or house. If there is holy water. You need to start drinking it every day. It is also important to sprinkle the whole house with holy water. It is also important to remember that prayers help get rid of problems. The power of the Lord is bottomless and you can feel it. The main thing is that your faith does not fail.

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You can also contact specialists in the field of esotericism. Sometimes this is much easier to do than trying to fix it yourself. The main thing is that this person be verified because you can run into deceivers.

You can try to remove the damage yourself. Think good thoughts and use a prayer.

Do not forget also that you can protect yourself from damage if you use the right amulets. For example, the energy of silver jewelry can be very useful. Of the stones, you should pay attention to such amulets as obsidian, black quartz, and cat’s eye.

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