Body signals that will help to read the energy and mood of the interlocutor

Sometimes it is very important not to listen to a person, but to look at him. Our habits, gestures, and emotions can tell about the state of the body, aura, and mind more than any, even the most accurate words. Now is the time to learn to read people by their non-verbal cues.

Signals indicating tension

If a person’s body is tense, this means that he is also internally in strong tension. This can be read by clenched fists, clenching of the jaw, tight lips, twitching legs, tapping the table with hands, and so on. It is not so difficult to see the tightness and tension. If you notice this, then something annoys the person. You don’t necessarily have to be the source of the annoyance, but the source is definitely there.

Relaxation in the body indicates calmness and that the interlocutor is very comfortable. Relaxation can be read by the way a person sits. If he is comfortable, he will sit wide without shrinking. His palms will be open, and his movements will be smooth, and calm.

What speaks of inconvenience, stiffness

Stiffness can be read by raising the eyebrows. If a person is in a calm environment and the conversation does not flow in an unpleasant direction, then raised eyebrows indicate embarrassment and stiffness. The reason for such stiffness, most likely, is not in you, but in the place where you are, or in an uncomfortable environment for a person. Seeing raised eyebrows without a smile, try to end the conversation as soon as possible, as the person is now simply uncomfortable talking to you. If the eyebrows are raised, but this gesture is accompanied by a wide smile, then know that you are very happy to see you.

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The person likes you

Here it is important to monitor the tilt of the body. If the person you’re talking to leans in your direction a little, that’s very good. He likes you or even likes you very much. If the body of a person remains in one position, this indicates neutrality. When a person subconsciously tries to move away from you or turns away a little, this is already a bad signal. He doesn’t like you for some reason.

It is very important to read such an energy signal in romantic communication. When people like each other, the distance between them gradually decreases. They are getting closer and closer to each other – literally and figuratively. If a person keeps away from you and does not allow himself to be touched, although you have been communicating for, say, a month, this is not the norm – not always, but in most cases.

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Also, head tilt can indicate sympathy. The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, so we instinctively cover it when we feel danger. When we feel good next to a person, we, on the contrary, can unconsciously tilt our heads, showing that we are disposed to trust. This is especially true for women because most of them have long hair. When they like a man, they either simply bow their heads, or in addition to bowing their heads, they expose their neck, removing hair from it.

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High level of energy compatibility

This is always indicated by one important feature in conversation and communication in general – when a person adopts the features of your facial expressions, gestures, and intonation in your voice. It should be barely noticeable. For example, you sit a little wider and show looseness, and after a while the interlocutor unconsciously copies you. You speak without gesticulation, and the person also starts waving their arms less. Do not confuse this with imitation on purpose – when, for example, someone dresses the same as you.

Such inadvertent copying means that the person not only likes you, but you have excellent compatibility – business, love, universal.

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Picking up fluff from clothes

Sometimes our interlocutor may begin to collect villi from clothes, or smooth them, remove non-existent stains, and so on. This indicates that the person is not listening to you. He either does not agree with your opinion, or you are very annoying for some reason. If a person during a conversation with you suddenly begins to be distracted by clothes, a phone, or something else, this indicates that he is at least not interested in a dialogue with you.

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Helpful advice

Remember that some of the behavior of a person may be his normal habit. This means that you always need to build a complete picture by keeping track of several factors. If someone tilts their head, it doesn’t mean they like you. If at the same time, there are other signs, then the probability of sympathy is very high.

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