Astrological forecast for September 2023

Astrological forecast for September 2023 says that autumn begins, but this does not mean that it is time to be sad and fill your head with bad thoughts. Life goes on, so you need to pull yourself together and start following the advice of stars for September.

The month promises to be extremely difficult, but stars and planets of the Univers  remind us that each of us has our own energy characteristics, which are important to remember in any difficult situation. We need to know our strengths, because this can save us from a fiasco in difficult times.

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For Aries to find happiness, it is worth temporarily distracting from the routine. You need to come up with some new activities and entertainment for yourself, so as not to drown in the dullness and despondency of everyday life. Perhaps it’s time to find a new hobby, or meet a new interesting person. Inaction in September is tantamount to losing, but this does not mean that you need to constantly run somewhere. Dimension is the key to success.


The influence of space on Taurus will be favorable because of Venus. Especially cautious people of this Sign need until September 3, inclusive, while Venus is retrograde. Then her power will open up and allow Taurus to make their lives better. Tauruses often live by the principle “the end justifies the means”, but this month it is better for them not to throw all their energy into one thing.

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Gemini will lose their perseverance and become less attentive due to retro Mercury. This means that they will need to increase their caution in business. Haste will not lead to anything good. It pretty much unsettles the nerves, and can also cause large monetary losses, quarrels with friends and relatives. It’s time to learn to think, and only then do something, but not vice versa.


Astrological forecast says that Cancers in September should never betray their beliefs. You need to believe in what they used to believe, even if others will try to prove the insignificance of this belief. You need to listen to yourself and your intuition. Many Cancers go out of their way to help their loved ones, but in September, saving the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves. It is impossible to help everyone, but you need to leave time for yourself for sure.

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It is important for Leos to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Loneliness can lead to serious mood problems, while communication, on the contrary, will help to overcome blues and fatigue. According to forecasts. Leos can expect unplanned surprises at work and in relationships, and these surprises will not always be one hundred percent pleasant.

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Astrologers note that Virgos in September will lose some of their innate skills: they will become less insightful, which will open up new opportunities for their enemies and ill-wishers. You need to look both ways and not rush to trust unfamiliar people. In love, Virgos will be helped by determination, and in friendship, the ability to calmly accept criticism from the outside.

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Libra in September needs to be active, but it is extremely important not to take on everything at once. It is better to wait a bit with complex projects at work. The astrological forecast says that laziness and procrastination can cost people of this Sign dearly. In the sphere of love, failure can often turn into triumph. No need to look at an unsuccessful acquaintance as the end of the world. This happens and there is nothing to worry about.


As some Eastern sage once said: “Don’t be afraid to procrastinate – be afraid to stop.” These are great words for Scorpios and perfectly reflect what tactics to use in September 2023. You can’t stop doing important work or trying to get close to a nice person. It is possible to achieve success, but for this, it is not necessary to rush and tear the hair on your head.

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Stars and planets activate the hidden energy reserves of the body of Sagittarius. These people will be on top and will be able to exceed all their wildest expectations. They will receive a powerful positive impulse from the stars and planets. The only problem is what specifically to choose as a priority goal. Here it is better to listen to the inner voice, and not to the advice of others.


All Capricorns need now is just not to wait for the weather by the sea. You need to act and not stop on the way to your dream. This is especially true for relationships. At work, it is important to simply remain responsible and attentive to detail. Throughout September, Capricorns should be in full combat readiness. Opportunities may come to them out of nowhere, but they can easily be overlooked.

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For Aquarius, a defensive position will be ideal. Do not show aggression and run ahead of the locomotive. Astrological forecast says that you have to be extremely careful. This is especially true of everything that is somehow connected with money and work. Aquarians should remember their most important responsibilities and in no case should they break the promises made earlier, as this will negatively affect their karma.


A good way to relax and have fun for Pisces is shopping, but moderate and careful. It is possible that Venus will help people of this Sign realize their long-term plans and become more successful. It is difficult to say which area of ​​life is now a priority – love or work. Most likely, you need to find a middle ground. Extremes in September will not bring anything good.

This month, many of us need to use it more often charms from problems and failures. I recommend that you always keep a plan “B” in mind in case the main one fails. Good luck to you, kindness, love, and a fair wind.

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