Arrange items in the kitchen according to Feng Shui to bring prosperity in your home

Feng Shui teachings say that the kitchen is responsible for health, wealth, and abundance. The correct arrangement of things and objects in this room promises prosperity and happiness for household members throughout their lives.

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Cleaning up the kitchen and arranging all things correctly will wash the ancient teachings of Feng Shui. I recommend coordinating the arrangement of the kitchen with the main principles of teaching to forget about troubles and problems forever. Thanks to the correct arrangement of kitchen utensils, the energy of the house will change for the better.

1. A kitchen is not a warehouse, and you need to remember this constantly. Cabinets should not contain unnecessary items, unused utensils, or broken appliances. Each item should be functional and visually evoke pleasant emotions.

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2. It is advisable to place bulky items in the kitchen in the lower drawers. It is not advisable to store them on the upper tiers – their energy will be oppressive, causing a latent sense of danger, and also to avoid accidents.

3. Do not overload work surfaces with many different items. Even arranged and grouped, they will create a feeling of disorder and bring disharmony into the space. It is advisable to keep all surfaces as empty and clean as possible.

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4. It is desirable to have a jar of honey in the kitchen, which represents health and wealth. Store it in a dark place and put it on the table while drinking tea or preparing various dishes.

5. Placing fresh flowers in the kitchen is a great idea. The energy of plants will help to attract well-being into the home. But dry bouquets or dried flowers, on the contrary, will not bring happiness. and they will poison the positive energy at home.

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6. Try not to store pots and baking trays on the stove. They are placed in a separate cabinet so that the cooking area is always clean and tidy. There is no place on the stove for numerous baking dishes.

7. Lovers of magnets should not forget that the colorful abundance of badges and figures on the refrigerator steals well-being. You don’t have to throw away numerous reminders of pleasantly spent holidays – they can be collected on a magnetic board and hung in another place.

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8. A great idea would be to place a bowl of fresh fruit in the center of the dining table. The main thing is not to forget to inspect apples, pears, and other delicacies. They must be clean and without obvious damage. The energy of the kitchen will be filled with abundance if the vase is not empty.

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9. An important rule in the kitchen is cleanliness, order, and neatness. The arrangement of things will look good if you choose the right colors and use muted shades, avoiding mismatched dishes in flashy colors.

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10. The kitchen is a place for cooking, so you shouldn’t set up an office in it or store important documents, medicines, and other unnecessary things. The energy of this room will suffer, and the house will be filled with the energy of devastation.

The teachings of Feng Shui allow everyone to fill their home with positive energy and arrange things so that their home is always pleasant to be in. Find out how to properly decorate your bedroom so that happiness and prosperity do not leave your life.

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