7 things to give up in July 2023 to be happier

July is a month of activity, kindness, love, and vivid emotions. That is why experts in the field of bioenergy advise to take responsibility for what is written in this article. It’s time to get rid of everything that pulls you to the bottom.

Confidence that you know everything

It’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of false self-confidence in July. If you think you know everything you need to know, this indicates that you absolutely do not. In July, you need to strive for new knowledge. They can be obtained from books and training videos. You can sign up for professional development courses. The source of new knowledge does not play a special role. It is extremely important in all this to remember your ultimate goals. Any information should be helpful.

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Selfish motives

In no case do not communicate with people just to get something from them. Selfish motives can lead to the fact that you will no longer be respected, and will begin to despise. You can lose friends and soul mates. July is a time of kindness and openness. If you want something from a person, be honest about it and offer something in return. This approach will be more positive and effective.

Long term planning

If you are reading this article before the beginning of July or before the last decade of the month, then know that in July it is better not to expect that everything will go exactly as you expect. This is a favorable, but dynamic and not always predictable time, especially in 2023 due to the relatively recent start of Neptune’s retrograde movement. This month, astrologers and bioenergy experts are advising you to plan carefully and not rely on chance. The path to victory can be rocky.


Self-satisfied people who think they are better than others may encounter problems along the way. The universe will not allow the balance of significance to be upset. People are not equal – someone is really very important, and someone plays on the sidelines, but this does not mean at all that you need to lose respect. If you feel superior but try not to show it, it will do you a lot of good.


In July, the ability to wait will be of great importance for the formation of success. Learn to remain calm in moments of waiting. Yes, even the most restrained people do not always manage to do this, but it is important to pull yourself together. In July, you can not run ahead headlong. You need to be prudent, careful, and wise. If you have such people in your environment, stay close to them. They will definitely help you stay afloat and support you with their peace of mind. When dealing with them, your confidence will not be shaken.

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Limited thinking

One-sidedness in July is simply unforgivable. People who see the world in black or white will definitely not be able to reach any great heights in love or in financial matters. It is very important to look at the same situation from different angles. If something bad happened to you, it does not mean that everything is really so bad. Perhaps another door will open before you, leading to success in other matters. How exactly this will happen and when is not known. However, something else is known – your life will become much easier if you stop seeing only the “tip of the iceberg”.


When a person counts only on himself, this is very good. However, it is better not to go too far. In July, the stars, planets, and the universe will want to see us as cautious and thrifty, rather than rushing forward. Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help if things go wrong. There is nothing shameful in this. Excessive arrogance will play a cruel joke on you.

To make it easier for you to plan things in July, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the days of power and the most dangerous days of this month. Experts believe that this will be a very favorable time for revising values ​​and setting new goals. We wish you success and all the best.

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