7 Signs your higher spiritual guides want to contact you

The highest spiritual guides are guardian angels, as well as other incorporeal creatures, for whom it is not difficult to overcome space and time to give you some important signs at the right moment.

Spiritual guides try to contact each of us at different times in our lives, but sometimes we don’t hear them. There are at least five reasons for this. If you do everything correctly, you will be able to feel the intervention of a higher mind in your life much more often.

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Everything happens at the right time, in the right place

You were fired from your job, but the next day an old friend contacted you and offered you a new job that is as good, if not better, than the old one. Or you broke up with a person, and he betrayed you, but after some short time, you met someone pleasant, kind, and attentive. If the Universe makes sure that all events are synchronized and complement each other, this directly indicates that your spirit guides are always nearby.

Do you often come across angel numbers?

Angel number – One. If you see a lot of Ones in the number of new acquaintances or often notice 11:11 on the clock, this may indicate that your guardian angel is trying to tell you something. Knowing exactly what it is may not be easy, but if you trust your intuition, you will succeed.

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The feeling of presence nearby

You feel the presence of some kind of incorporeal being next to you. Any person is capable of picking up the subtle energy vibrations of such entities, it’s just that many of us are too fixated on the material world, so we don’t notice this.

You avoid danger

For example, you miraculously avoid an accident and fall from a height, but do not break anything. Miracles don’t happen by chance. It is your spirit guides and guardian angels who are helping you. Don’t forget to thank them for this.

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Strange dreams

During dreams, our soul is on the border of the astral and material worlds. It is much easier for spiritual entities to reach us and connect with us at this moment. That is why try to write down all your dreams, including the smallest details. Some of the dreams may be prophetic.

Your intuition has become very powerful

You can predict the future, and determine the character of people without communicating with them. If you make decisions based on your sixth sense, and the consequences do not disappoint you, then your connection to the spiritual world is much stronger than you think. Intuition is not only an innate gift but also a gift from higher powers.

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The problems don’t end there

If you are going through a bad streak, this may be the result of your guardian angel trying to guide you on the right path. If you are desperately trying to succeed at something, but every time there are various obstacles along the way, this suggests that you should change your career. For example, you are trying to try yourself in a new business, but something unexpected always happens – plans are disrupted for some strange reason.

How to Summon Mentors

Practice on the calling of higher powers is carried out in a calm environment, in a room without light, alone. First, a room or other room should be fumigated with incense. Its aroma attracts angels and allows you to tune in to the desired wave.

Take a comfortable position – sitting, reclining, or in the lotus position. Be sure to light a candle. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Repeat slow and deep inhalations and exhalations 10-15 times to calm down and tune in to the call of higher powers.

With your eyes closed, imagine that a guardian angel or higher entity has appeared next to you. Mentally say: “I invite higher powers to come to me. I can accept them. ” You can imagine that the angel is on a mountain that you are slowly climbing, or you are soaring over a field, or in a forest. When you decide that the mentor is ready to communicate, you can start it. It happens not with words, but with energy exchange. Just think about what’s bothering you. The solution should come on its own.

Don’t forget that our guardian angel communicates with us more often than we think.

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