5 powerful talismans you need to have in your home

5 strong talismans will help turn your home into an area of ​​goodness, peace, and tranquility. By placing them in your home, you can ensure the smooth flow of positive energy flows that will promote personal well-being.

You can make your home a place of strength and energy only with the correct use of talismans and amulets. So, what talismans are needed to protect and attract good luck to the home, and how should they be handled?

Silver spoon

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This talisman must be in every home! Thanks to him, the energy in the house will be cleared, and all household members will get rid of illnesses and bad luck. For a silver spoon to become a real talisman, it must be kept separate from all other utensils. It is best to wrap it in a white towel and place it out of reach of prying eyes.

For its energy to have a beneficial effect on the whole family, it should be used in cooking about once or twice a month. By stirring a dish with a silver spoon, you can charge it with positive energy. Those who eat this dish will receive special protection from disease.

If someone in the family is sick, it is recommended to drink the medicine from a silver spoon. In this way, the person will be able to recover quickly.

Birch broom

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Birch broom is a powerful amulet against evil forces and negative energy. The energy of birch has a beneficial effect on the health and atmosphere of the home. It cleanses the room of clots of negative energy and neutralizes the negativity of uninvited guests. The ancient Slavs believed that good spirits lived in the crowns of birch trees and were able to heal and give people strength.

For a birch broom to bring goodness, it must be made correctly. It is recommended to cut branches for a broom only from white-trunked birch that is free of damage, hollows, and kinks. After cutting down several branches, you need to tear off all the leaves and tie the broom with red woolen thread.

You need to hang a birch broom in the kitchen from the ceiling or place it on the floor. It must stand or hang with the handle up. They should never sweep or dust away. This talisman must fulfill its direct function – clean the house from negativity.


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Honey is the strongest talisman for attracting abundance and money. It is simply necessary to store it in the house. It’s not for nothing that the ancient proverb says: “It’s like being smeared with honey.” This was said about those families in whose homes good luck and money often came.

The best place to buy honey is at the church. And for it to attract good luck, you need to perform a small ritual. Take a jar of honey and a brush and go through the whole house, brushing a little on the door frames, corners, and thresholds in each room. The remaining honey can be eaten by the whole family. It is recommended to perform this ritual every month, then luck and money will not leave you.


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Everyone knows this talisman, but not everyone uses its power correctly. It turns out that for a horseshoe to bring happiness to the house, it must be hung correctly.

How exactly to hang a horseshoe must be decided based on what kind of protection you would like from it. If you want to attract wealth into your home, then you need to hang the horseshoe upside down. Thus, it will personify a cup, a vessel that requires filling. If you want to hang a horseshoe to protect against the evil eye, damage, and other troubles, it should hang with the ends down, like a dome.


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Bells are a talisman that cleanses the house of negativity and attracts goodness. All the magic lies in its ringing. No wonder they say that evil spirits are afraid of the ringing of bells. If you hang bells above the front door, then when the door is opened, the house will be filled with positive energy and charge all household members with good mood and vitality. If an uninvited guest comes to your house, then when the bells ring, all his negative energy will remain outside the threshold of your house.

All these talismans will be able to create an atmosphere of goodness and light in the house, attract good luck, and neutralize the influence of dark forces. We should not forget that our ancestors used such magical methods of protection. These amulets and talismans are time-tested. Since ancient times, they were considered the guardians of home well-being and peace.

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