13 Wise Chinese Quotes and Proverbs That Will Make Your Life Better: Memorize Them

Chinese culture is one of the most ancient on the planet at the moment. In this country for thousands of years there lived many different sages who shared their knowledge and wisdom of life, it is time for you to learn about it. The quotes that we have prepared for you will help you with this.

“Be flexible like a reed, not rigid like a tree. Avoid conflict and adapt to changing circumstances. ” These are the words of Lao Tzu, which you should always remember when someone tries to provoke you into negative emotions, or if everything is bad in life at the moment. The tree may break after a blow, but the reed will bend and be able to soften any blow. Try to be like him. This will help you conserve energy without wasting it.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.” So says a Chinese proverb. People are so busy with predictions that they begin to forget that each person is the true creator of his happiness and his tomorrow’s life, his tomorrow’s world and environment. Our life is not prescribed. It is created right here and now.

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“Happiness does not come to those who seek it. It appears in those who know how to get joy from the little, ”  – Confucius. Be sure to take this phrase into account. It is impossible to find happiness for someone who is looking for it, like some kind of treasure. It is formed from the small joys and positive things we find in the world around us.

Confucius said: “Do good without expectation of gratitude. It will give you joy and happiness. ” When we do something with selfish motives, it can make us very disappointed. When you do good just for the sake of seeing a smile on a person’s face, then you get everything at once. You simply don’t have to wait. For this reason, selfless kindness often becomes a habit for many people.

“Every great journey always starts with the first step. Don’t be afraid to start something important as you move forward, no matter how difficult the path may seem to you. This can be transferred to any business. If you think that some business will be extremely difficult, it does not matter. It’s important to just take the first step. Further, it will be much easier, because you just need to get the first impulse.

“Smile, even if your heart is on fire. Smiling attracts goodness and frees you from everything negative.” This was said by the great Chinese leader Mao Zedong. This is a simple, but extremely important phrase that you should definitely take into service. The fact is that a smile really increases energy and gives a person more strength, more self-confidence. If you intentionally smile in a difficult situation, it will greatly facilitate the search for a solution.

Another quote from Lao Tzu: “Don’t rush. Give time to time. Wait for everything to come to you by itself. These are extremely important words, but you must remember that you also need to know how to wait correctly. If you have done absolutely nothing before, then there is no point in waiting, and if you have already made some attempts to change your life for the better, then perhaps you just need to wait a bit.

“Love yourself in order to learn to love others. Taking care of yourself is the foundation of a happy relationship  .” – Confucius It does not happen that a person is indifferent to the set, but can love those around him. That doesn’t happen. Love is always born within us in relation to ourselves. First, each person must learn to respect and value himself, so that he understands what other people want.

Lao Tzu: “Do not strive for an easy life. Strive for the strength that would help you overcome any obstacles. There can be no easy life in principle. Some of its short stages may be easy, but nothing more. A person very quickly gets used to serenity, losing grip, endurance, and stamina. If you want to stay on top, you’ll have to get stronger so that headwinds don’t push you back.

Chinese proverb: “Respect your time so that it respects you.” Time is the most valuable resource in the life of every person. Many people think that money is everything, but the value of money compared to time is absolutely nothing. People who know how to value time are the most successful and the happiest.

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Chinese proverb: “True strength is manifested in patience.” This is especially noticeable in the modern world, where most people have lost the ability to wait. Everyone is always in a hurry somewhere, waiting for quick results. You need to be able to slow down sometimes and give yourself the opportunity to relax, enjoying the expectation. Impatient people waste a lot of nerves and energy for nothing.

Confucius once said: “It is important not only to achieve success but also to be able to share it with others.” Successful people always have this responsibility. The ability to share your success is something that many of us lack. Remember how much you needed a mentor or mentor at the beginning of your journey. Be that kind of mentor to others. Teach them things that will help them become happy and successful. Share your wisdom, because that’s what we live for.

Chinese proverb: “Be grateful for each new day, and also realize the value of the small joys of your life.” Happiness is in the little things. Learn to appreciate all that you have in order to become happier. Learn to thank your friends, loved ones, the Universe, and God for everything. Gratitude is a fundamental act of kindness.

Also, in addition to this article, experts advise you to read twelve wise rules for those who want to find happiness and change their fate for the better. By following them, you will feel lightness along the way. Good luck, and be patient and kind.

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